Acute Non Invasive Ventilation (NIV)
You can access the Acute Non Invasive Ventilation (NIV) programme via eLearning for Healthcare (eLfH). You will need an NHS OpenAthens account to login to eLfH. 

Login via the following link  and enrol on the course at 
Carer awareness course

Please access the carer eLearning modules on . Please note that to view the modules you will need the Adobe Flash Playerâ„¢ 10 or above and internet explorer. 

You can watch a very powerful interview with a young carer, local to St Helier hospital, who describes her experience of being a carer for her mother on the following link  


Working carer

As a member of Employers for Carers, our organisation is committed to supporting employees who are juggling their paid job with caring responsibilities for someone who is older, seriously ill or disabled. 
This resource will help carers identify themselves or others at work and learn how to get support. It will also help line managers or other teams with employee wellbeing responsibilities to understand what carers may need in the workplace and how to best support them. 

This resource will help you: 

    • understand what we mean by a working carer 
    • understand why carers need support in the workplace 
    • learn about what support is available

Please follow this link to access the eLearning module